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Formerly known as The Alley, The Brew is one of the longest living Yangshuo restaurants under the guidance of Andy - a long-time Yangshuo resident from Austria. Andy is himself a great cook and makes excellent pasta, steaks, burgers and salads with homemade sauces. He also makes outstanding home artisnal bread, so be sure to ask him about it. In 2019 Andy closed his location in Yangshuo town and set up his new kitchen at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat on the Yulong River, 20 minutes by scenic bike ride from Yangshuo Village Inn.

Address: Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yulong River Road, Wanggongshan jiao, Fenglou Cunwei, Gaotian, Yangshuo - 1.5km from Gongnong Bridge at G321 National Road
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Luna is an elegant rooftop Yangshuo restaurant at Yangshuo Village Inn's offering authentic Italian and Chinese fare since 2008. Trained by Italian chefs, Luna also creates beautiful pastries and desserts. With the most scenic views in Yangshuo and an outstanding seelction of imported wines, Luna is the most romantic venue among Yangshuo restaurants.

Address: #26 Licun (Moon Hill Village), off 321 National Road in Gaotian Town, Yangshuo


CLOSED IN 2019. Demo was the former proprietor of TripSmith beers from Guiyang city in Guizhou. Since 2020, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat has kept the spirit of Demo going at their location on the Yulong River. They offer two seasonal rotating taps and several of TripSmith's fantastic craft beers in cans. See more about Yangshuo bars in ourBars section

Address: Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yulong River Road, Wanggongshan jiao, Fenglou Cunwei, Gaotian, Yangshuo - 1.5km from Gongnong Bridge at G321 National Road


One of the longest-running YAngshuo restaurants, Lucy's became an institution with backpackers and long-time expat residents. Her breakfasts are particularly good as are her desserts (we recommend the apple crumble). Lucy's sister and mother still run her restaurant with friendly service. Sit outside on the sidewalk or upstairs in a cosy more private room.

Address: Top of Guihua Lu, just diagonal from the McDonalds



Consistently rated one of the top Yangshuo restaurants, Kali Mirch offers Indian fare with style. Everything on the menu is excellent and reasonably priced. Ask if they have Kingfisher beer (often sold out), which pairs perfectly with the spicier dishes. Speaking of beer, The Brew (see above) located right across the street offers home brewed beer if you want to enjoy a drink or two before dinner at Kali Mirch. While one might night think of Indian cuisine in Yangshuo, this is a great alternative to the 10,000 beerfish restaurants that seem to line every street.

Address: Middle of Cheng Bei Lu, across from The Brew


Another excellent Indian restaurant serving a variety of classic Indian dishes at fair prices. Definitely worth a try.

Address: Middle of Cheng Bei Lu, next to Kali Mirch



Owned by William and Linda, CLoud 9 is one of the oldest Yangshuo restaurants that also offers a cooking school, tours and accommodation. It is mainly a lunch venue, located in a very busy section of town, just off West Street.

Address: No.2 Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo County 541900, China