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    Li RIver Cruise TRAINS AND BUSES



Guilin to Yangshuo Village Inn just one hour by scenic highway - pickup at Guilin Airport



The Li River cruise begins from the wharf South of Liberation Bridge in downtown Guilin. There is also the option of a one-hour bus ride to the Bamboo River Wharf (Zhujiang Wharf) or the Millstone Hill Wharf (Mopanshan Wharf) to start the cruise from its most scenic start. All tourists taking a Li River cruise are required to show passports when booking ship tickets and boarding. You will also need to be at the wharf at least 30 minutes before departure to leave enough time for passport inspection. Those who can't provide valid passports should go to the police station near Zhujiang Wharf to ask for a temporary ID proof 30 minutes before departure. The Li River cruise is over 52 miles (83 kilometers) long and takes over four hours. The other-worldly scenery is amazing at every turn in the Li River.
Please communicate with the boat company guide during the cruise that for your pickup, they need to call Village Inn reception (15977364111) 15 minutes before arrival. That will allow us to arrange the driver for pickup.
When you get off the boat at Yangshuo wharf (Longtou Shan Wharf), please walk up the steps and turn Right (the opposite way that the Chinese tourists are departing) and walk for about a minute. Our driver will know to look for you there.


If you are taking the Yulong River bamboo raft and would like to join us for lunch or dinner at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat first, you can ask the raft guide to let you off directly at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat jetty 阳朔胜地

which is about 1km before the Gongnong Bridge raft terminus. We can then send you to Yangshuo Village Inn.

From Guilin Airport, Yangshuo Village Inn provides door-to-door transfer service in a private sedan for RMB ¥300. The price for a seven-seat van is RMB ¥400. An 11-seat van is RMB ¥450 The travel time is 70 minutes from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo Village Inn.


There are Guilin airport shuttles to Guilin city and taxis available from downtown. Please be sure to negotiate the price with the driver first! The price should be no more than RMB ¥350. The Retreat can also arrange a private pickup for you in Guilin. The price is RMB ¥300 or RMB ¥400 for a van and takes about 1.5 hours.


Guilin South Station

There are taxis available and the price should be no more than RMB ¥300 to Yangshuo Village Inn. Please confirm the price with the driver first! Our private car is the same price for a taxi driver to take you from there to the Retreat (RMB ¥300 for a sedan, RMB ¥400 for a van). The ride takes about 90 minutes.

Guilin North Station

Our sedan costs RMB ¥350, a van RMB ¥450 as it is further from Yangshuo and traffic is less convenient.

Yangshuo Xingping Station

For travelers coming from Shenzhen, first take a taxi from Shenzhen North station to Guangzhou South Sation, which is only about 30 minutes and costs about RMB ¥75. From Guangzhou South the express train takes three hours to Yangshuo station. It's about 42 km from Yangshuo train station to Yangshuo Village Inn and costs RMB ¥180. During your journey, please call Yangshuo Village Inn reception (0773-8777-091) to ask for a pickup at the parking area outside the terminus. Please note that any taxis who are not registered within the Yulong River Scenic Area will not be able to drive to the Retreat.


From the Yangshuo Bus Station, we can arrange pickup to the Retreat for RMB ¥40.
Please note that any taxis who are not registered within the Yulong River Scenic Area will not be able to drive to the Retreat.If you wish to arrange your own transfer, the driver will be able to drop you at the Scenic Area shuttle parking where you can buy a ticket to get this shuttle to the Retreat parking.